Thursday, October 13, 2016

Facebook Event Page- it went down, but we're still on!

We had some technical difficulties with our facebook event page yesterday and had to recreate a new one.  Much of that information is here on the Blog or the Website, but we just want to reassure eveyone that the event is still going and going strong. You can find the new event page here:

Limestone city Juggle & flow fest

Limestone city Juggle and Flow fest Oct 15-16

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Over Flowing with Thanksgiving and Donations

This past weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada and the Limestone city Juggle & Flow fest is Over Flowing with Thanks to all our great sponsors!

We have even more donations that have arrived in the mail!

A beautiful set of bright yellow and orange px3"s from Renegade, and a whole collection of flow items from Jolly Lama including a diabolo, poi and a devilstick!

Make sure you join us for the fun at the fest and be thankful to our great sponsors.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Jorden Moir! Featured performer at the LCJF Gala Show!

Jorden Moir has been amazing audiences with his skills for years and most recently won the silver medal in the International Juggling Association Championships. See the clip below.
If you check out his youtube channel you'll find that he has been creating a wide range of new material including shaker cups, ping pong paddles and more. What's always astonishing is to see how he uses his entire body, hands, feet, legs and all in his routines.  I can barely jump rope, Jorden jumps rope while juggling a ball with his feet ! and that's just hie warm-up stuff.  You'll definitely want to see him in this years Gala show

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

New donations keep arriving!!

We are so grateful the Sponsors who donate to our event each year.
Today I received in the mail these beautiful, handcrafted with care, bright blue bags from Drops Props.

Sarah Smith has been making these high quality bags with care for several years now and I 've watched them survive some hard  workouts without ever breaking a seam. (Unlike some of the commercial beanbags I bought in the early days.)

This is the best part though, they are machine washable! Play with them outside, play with them in the grass and dirt, then throw them in the wash with your juggling t-shirt and jeans and they're good to go once again!
Check the website for complete information about these great 100% canvas beanbags.

Of course, thanks to Sarah at Drop Props for supporting the LcJF once again.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Go with the Flow! Festival T-Shirts

That's right we all need to
"Go with the Flow" !
Now you can wear a spectacular T-shirt from this years LcJF to prove it!

Our T-shirt design is going to the printers soon and with a limited number available you'll definitely want to get yours early.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Free and Open to the Public

That's right The Limestone City Juggle and Flow fest on Oct 15-16 is Free!

Entrance to the gym and all workshops is free and you can bring all your friends, our bring your family.

Come learn how to Hula Hoop, or how to Juggle, try a new skill toy, or walk on a slack line.
We'll have workshops by Professionally trained and renowned circus artists on Saturday and Sunday.
Check our workshops page for more information.

Tell your friends ! Put up a Poster! We're having a party!

The Limestone City Juggle & Flow fest is going to be the best ever this year.!

Many of you are already coming, but did you tell your friends?

Don't be the person who says " Oh I forgot to tell you we had an incredible event this weekend"
Let them know! Tell your friends, family, co-workers, Starbucks barrista, the guy at the Deli.
Everyone loves a great variety show and we have some of the best talent to ever be in Kington.
Check out the show page for details, or just take a look at the posters below.

You can even save the posters to your computer and print up copies to share !